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Create your first monitor

Once the application is installed on your server, you can create your first monitor. If you are not sure what a monitor really is, please have a look at this article.

We navigate to FileWizz > Monitors area and we click the Create New button in order to create a new monitor. Once you do that, the file manager will load the contents of your server so that you can easily select what directory you want to monitor, something like this:


From here, we can select the wordpress directory, either from the left or from the right area. Once we will do this, the file manager will navigate inside the wordpress directory and from here we can click the “Monitor this path” button in order to start monitoring this directory:


We confirm the action and we will be redirected to the next screen where we can exclude a few files from monitoring.

For example, inside wp-content folder, we have a cache folder which we don’t want to monitor, so we can easily exclude it:


Once we excluded all the directories we don’t need, we can navigate to the Next step by clicking either the Next Step button from the bottom of the page, or simply by clicking the Finish link from the page Breadcrumbs area.

Last step is to name our monitor and to decide the events when we want to get notified. For example, one might want to get notified only when new files are added not when exiting files are modified.


Keep in mind that your monitor has to be active in order to be processed by the cron jobs.

Once you save your monitor, all the files you selected will be monitored and after each time when the cron jobs will run to generate reports, you will get notified via email with a quick overview about the files that were changed, created or deleted from your monitor.

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