Install steps


  1. Download the FileWizz archive from CodeCanyon into your computer
  2. Unzip the archive, a folder called filewizz-x.y.z will result after the unzip process which contains two folders, latest and upgrade.
  3. Using your favourite (s)FTP client, connect to your web host.
  4. Upload the folder latest from the filewizz-x.y.z folder, on your web host and rename it into filewizz.
  5. Using your browser, navigate to the install folder from inside the filewizz folder that you have just uploaded, i.e:
  6. Follow the install instructions.

Please note that during the install, you will be asked for:

  1. Your FileWizz purchase info together with the purchase code.
  2. To change the permissions of a few folders where the app will store runtime data, cache and assets.
  3. Database credentials. Most likely you will have to create a new database for FileWizz using your hosting control panel.

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