Upgrade steps


  1. Download the FileWizz archive from CodeCanyon into your computer
  2. Unzip the archive, a folder called filewizz-x.y.z will result after the unzip process which contains two folders, latest and upgrade.
  3. Using your favourite (s)FTP client, connect to your web host.
  4. Login into your filewizz app from your broswer.
  5. Upload the contents of the upgrade folder from the filewizz-x.y.z folder over your existing filewizz files from your server so that you overwrite them.
  6. Using your browser, navigate to your existing filewizz url, you will now be prompted to upgrade the application.
  7. Follow the upgrade instructions.



After upgrade, if your app style doesn’t load anymore (the app looks broken) then login into your server and inside the filewizz app, go into the assets folder and from there delete all the contents of the cache folder.

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